What to Wear at the Roller Skating Rink

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Roller skating rinks have been around for a very long time, and we mean a long time! The first public
roller skating rinks opened in 1857 in London and in 1866 in New York City. We’re pretty sure people
back then didn’t put that much thought into what to wear and were probably burdened by way too
many layers of clothes. Today, it’s all about comfort and looking fabulous at the same time. So, let’s
see how you can achieve that.


Royal Free Photo

Royal Free Photo

1. Retro Knee-High Socks

This is actually a staple item for the roller skating industry and you’ll find these socks marketed as
knee high skating socks.” So why not bring back the colorful and happy 70s with these fun clothing
items? You can match them with just about anything.
We suggest opting for a preppy skirt or shorts and a simple t-shirt on top. This basic outfit will make
you the star of the rink and draw all eyes on you. And if your crush is there as well, you’ll win him
over for sure. Also, if you’re a guy, no reason not to wear knee high socks. They’re unisex and you
can wear them with shorts and a polo short for that nerdy look that’s so in right now.

2. Loose Denim Jeans

You just can’t go wrong with jeans. They go well with anything and they’re so comfy. Mind you,
avoid those skinny jeans you see everywhere these days. Choose a pair of loose jeans that allow you
to move freely.

If you’re not one for looser jeans, then you could go for jeggings as they’re made from a thin
material and allow for all the movement you’ll be doing. Either option you choose, you can pair it
with any model of skates, whether they’re Riedell roller skates or other quality brands. For the top
part, just opt for a flowy blouse or t-shirt.

3. Shorts

Shorts are always one of the best ideas when it comes to picking an outfit for the roller skating rink.
They’re cool, comfy, and you have all the freedom you need to move around. And since you will be
doing a lot of movement, it’s always recommended to put comfort first.

4. Helmet

OK, so this is not exactly something you’d expect on a list of things to wear, but it is the mandatory
item here. Of course, you want to look smashing and dashing even when doing a sport, but you still
need to stay safe. A helmet is a piece of safety equipment you must always wear when on the rink
because accidents can happen. They come in many shapes and colors and you’ll surely find a cute
helmet that goes well with your outfit and personality.
These are the must-haves items when it comes to roller skating. As you may have noticed, we
choose to leave out skirts and dresses. But if you’re not that shy, go ahead, pick a gorgeous dress or
skirt and hit the roller skating rink!